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Coffee Hour

Coffee hour is a time for fellowship, a time to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones. Please join us immediately after the service in Gifford Hall.


In our monthly newsletter, The Messenger, there is a list of names for coffee hour. If your name begins with the last letters listed, you are responsible for bringing something to coffee hour that week, and for insuring that everything is setup and coffee is made. Each week, one family or person should bring a carton of half and half, and the rest of the families should bring edibles for adults or snacks for the children. If you cannot make it that Sunday, please "trade" your spot with someone so we always have coverage.

The instructions on responsibilities for coffee hour are in the kitchen on the cabinet above the microwave. The Membership Care & Evangelism Committee sees that there are sufficient supplies of coffee, tea, sugar, napkins, hot and cold beverage cups, and drink mix (for the children). When you see that the kitchen is low on one of these items, please tell Carol Reagan or call her at (781) 641-4523.

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